A journey through time.

Work // Marantz

A Tribute To Music.

From the very start of Marantz there was an unswerving passion for perfection and devotion to music – the defining factors of the company that pushed and redefined playback boundaries. And until today, technical excellence at Marantz is a journey, not a destination.

We figured it would be the perfect opportunity to take the international guests of the 60th anniversary celebration in Sorrento, Italy, on a very special journey. So we created a film, which artfully juggles historical events of the world together with the historical products of the Marantz brand – until the present day. Combining historical footage, freshly shot material and animations, we certainly did not miss out on embedding all of this into fine musical tunes: dedicated compositions which are characteristic for each of the decades.

After all, the final words of the movie state: Because music matters. And always will.

Music: Iwan Harlan/soundtovision.de