A tale of legends.

Work // Marantz

In his 40 years at Marantz, Ken Ishiwata developed many hifi components that made history. He became a renowned brand ambassador and a high-end-legend himself. The new 10-series may be his most personal project so far.

It is the know-how of decades, the technology of tomorrow and most of all Ken’s legendary sense for perfect sound, which make the 10 Series so precious to the connoisseurs of high-end instruments. For our video, we convinced Ken to present these components in person, however in a very unique style: with a handwritten letter to the Marantz aficionados. A wonderful way to give an impression of the meticulous tuning and the exceptional craftsmanship, which is so essential for the 10 Series. With every purchase this tale is passed on. Embedded in the component’s packaging is the personally signed letter from Ken – as an individual courtesy to the audiophiles of the world.