Around the world
in 80 dresses.

Eywasouls Malibu // Work

Our photo and video shoot for eywasouls Malibu was a tough one: a solid 80 dresses had to be staged in 5 days for the international website and the new lookbooks. A piece of cake for us.

eywasouls Malibu is no ordinary fashion label because the entire collection consists exclusively of dresses. The maxi dresses are ultra-casual for the beach walk and at the same time mega-elegant for the party afterwards. From California, the dresses go to the hottest boutiques in the USA, the Caribbean and Europe. The variety of prints, cuts and materials is huge. That was the number one challenge in our shoot because every single model had to be photographed and filmed. Challenge number 2: Due to devastating forest fires, a shoot in Malibu was out of the question at the time. So we needed a versatile location at short notice that also reflected the Malibu lifestyle. We found the perfect place (and the perfect car) in Europe. And in just a few days we got the maximum out of the maxi dresses.