At home in the streets of the city

Work // Stracke

It takes experience and it takes competence. But if it comes to real estate agents, every nonentity can call themselves that. In this sector it’s priceless to present oneself with class and professionalism at first glance. Astrid Stracke is experienced, Astrid Stracke is competent. And Astrid Stracke is confident to display this.




Besides the business papers we also designed the new website. In many cases it’s the first and foremost touchpoint after a listing is found on the web or in the papers.




The core region of Stracke Immobilien is Düsseldorf and its periphery. The high-end 3D visualisation of the logo illustrates that Astrid Stracke knows her neighbourhood like the back of her hand. At home in the streets of the city.