AV-Art created by Denon.

Denon // Work

Denon is one of the world’s MOST RENOWNED players in the HOME electronics industry. Prior to the launch of their all-new AV-Receiver series, they deep-dived into consumers’ needs and wishes as for what exactly they would expect from an AV-Receiver.

What they found was: Either you buy an AV-Receiver that technically does the job – but designwise makes you want to keep it in the box. Or you could go for one that does not make you feel ashamed for its looks – but rather for its skills.

Guess what, the world has changed: with the Denon AVR-series 2012/2013, the art of design finally meets the art of engineering. We created a simple and striking formula to make up to it: AV-Art created by Denon.

Next, we built an integrated campaign around it, featuring a video with the up-and-coming band Between Borders, print, pos and online material, sales conference support and more. Check it out.