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One of our great talents is to ask questions. Because we always want to know exactly how something works and why. With RadioDuct from TROX, the why was obvious, but the how was key.

RadioDuct revolutionizes the control of ventilation systems in existing buildings by transmitting all necessary data via WLAN through already installed ducts. This means that when modernizing air conditioning and ventilation in old buildings, there is no need to lay additional costly cables. But how does it work without interference? How much effort does it actually save? Which preconditions and components are needed in which buildings? What possibilities does this open up for the future? And doesn’t every customer ask himself exactly the same questions? We have simply answered them all – in one brochure. But to make the complexity and diversity of the system clear, we designed it as a fold-up with a well laid-out diagram in the centre. In this way, we have made the whole complexity clear at a glance.