Denon can do anything.
Except sing.

Denon // Work

The first ad that actually sings.

German music magazine VISIONS just celebrated their 250th issue with an ad contest. The winner was granted 50.000 Euro in media space by the publishing house, split evenly in print and online.

Denon went in and signed us with the task. And since Visions is available in printed as in online format, we delivered a cross-media work as well: the first anniversary print ad you can actually listen to. Via QR code or URL the readers were directed towards a congratulations video…

Accidentally our favourite Swedish rockband Royal Republic were around, rocking the final leg of their SAVE THE NATION tour. We had paired off band and brand years ago already, so that the boys were happy to help us and Denon out on this matter.

This result of fast and brave decision making, a healthy portion of self-mockery and uncomplicated, direct agreements amongst all involved can be seen here: