Everything gets better.

Work // Karin Hammermann

The fashion agency business is about representing brands within your own corporate identity, while still leaving space for them to freely unfold on your plate.

But first and foremost in this case, the woman is the brand. Gladly we accepted the challenge, figuring that Karin needed a look and feel, that would represent herself. One that would bring her vividness, her passion and her feeling for upscale fashion across.

After the careful selection of corporate colors and typefaces, we extended the brand experience of Agentur Karin Hammermann to the haptic level – by using an embossed logo for her letterhead stationary, business cards and show room invitations.

With the launch of her website, she proved to clients that little can easily be great – and that their brands get just the space they need to shine. For Karin herself, it is easy to handle, functional and representative for both, herself and the brands.

The fashion business is stylish. It’s vibrant. And it’s constantly on the run-way (forgive us this cheesy pun). Brands come and go. So just like over here in our advertising business – if you really know the one you’re working for, it’s all the better.

Interstate wishes you good luck, Karin!