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Work // Marantz

Renown premium hifi manufacturer Marantz assigned Interstate to create the video for their speaker dock masterpiece „Consolette“, named after the legendary device invented by Saul Marantz in the 1950’s. Much to everyone’s pleasure, we could win the impressively talented Cecilia Salazar from Sweden to join in.

If you are a manufacturer of premium high-end stereo devices, you might find it difficult to venture into the speaker dock market. How can you possibly keep your standards? How can you satisfy the demanding ears of your customers? Well, if you are Marantz, you will strive to find a solution that can keep up with your standards.

Interstate took over and developed a product video that stands out of the crowd of competitors, just as the Consolette itself does. It is based on the thought of sheer superiority, was shot with really hot camera stuff, a super hot crew, a terribly hot Steinway grand piano and a beautiful, strong-voiced woman from Sweden.

It’s the next global Interstate project, destined for usage on the company’s website and the Marantz Youtube channel as well as at points of sale around the globe.

By the way – the title of our satin soft-voiced artist Cecilia is called „Angel sing“.
Enough said. Get closer and enjoy.