Great food. Great vehicle. Great performance.

Work // BKP

Greenlight for core business.

Northern German corporation Borco-Höhns leads the market of vending vehicles. Excellent in quality, smart in technology and famous for producing custom-fit vending vehicles to their clients‘ needs. Antonello Simbulla on the other hand is a passionate trader of fine gourmet foods. His goods are top-notch, and he demands nothing less from his vending vehicle. That’s exactly why he has chosen Borco-Höhns. A splendid combination. And to let both parties take care of their core businesses, our client BKP takes care of bringing them together and offering the financing of projects of this kind.

In this first shot of a new campaign for BKP, Interstate has perpetuated this fruitful relationship – in a personal motif, conveying quality and passion in a relevant manner.