Grinding for beauty.

Work // OKUMA

Processing rough materials, scrutinising them from every angle and making an accurate piece of work out it, that’s exactly what we did for Okuma.


Okuma carries a long-standing tradition and extraordinary know-how. We developed a consistent visual appearance to transport Okuma’s high aspiration throughout Europe. After doing the complete style work, we determined the design in every detail, even as far as the business cards.

And how do you manage to create high-end images of CNC-machinery as big as an average living room? Well, with 3D-rendering of course. We rebuilt every machine from scratch, having only the CAD-data at our disposal. And we gave every piece a decent staging to establish the visual quality adequate for a company like Okuma.

In the end we forged a marketing-toolbox for every machine – consisting of premium footage, copy components and fully designed ads.