Happy to sell Envaya.

Denon // Work

One of the greatest things about working for Denon is: Everything we do is connected to music.

And music inarguably is a good thing. It evokes emotions. It’s the soundtrack of our lives. And everything that says „Denon“ on it, refines the way we enjoy this beautiful thing.

The ENVAYA now is Denon’s latest gift to mankind. A small, yet potent Bluetooth Speaker, built from precious materials, designed to please and even to be visually customised by the (lucky) owner. You can choose between white glossy or black matte, and the grille clothes included let you fit the colours to suit your every mood.

When developing video and website, we were very aware of the advanced technological Hi-Fi aspects that differentiate the ENVAYA from others. But looking at the products‘ character, the usage occassions and the target group, we felt that too much techy stuff would have been the wrong song to sing.

Instead, for this global campaign we paired the Envaya with an emotion you can’t but consider a fit once you look at this speaker: Happiness. Easily digestible, pleasant to watch and even fun to hum along, the video and also the website combine entertainment, information and a mood that is on character.

Look & listen.

Music: tro, düsseldorf