Music matters, value remains.


If a person like Ken Ishiwata inspires a brand for 40 years he deserves something special for his anniversary – the Marantz Ruby series. We brought Ken’s personal story together with his exceptional new creation, generating a very emotional appeal.


The KI Ruby series bears more than Ken’s tremendous know-how about the perfect sound. He and his team refined and masterfully tuned these devices to be a highlight of Ken’s journey towards his individual expression of the typical Marantz sound. We documented this path by creating a mixture from personal elements and product details, using real video shooting, 3D animations and analogue photo material provided by Ken himself.

Domo arigato, Ken-san!


To let buyers experience the uniqueness of these high-end devices right in the beginning, we created an individually crafted certificate. Carrying the same embossed effect and even the ruby-coloured stone as the original devices, the proud new owner gets an amazing first look and feel when unboxing the amplifier or Super Audio CD player.



The world-wide launch of the KI Ruby series was supported by a matching microsite, we individually designed and programmed in nine different languages.

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