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Come on!

It’s beautiful, it’s powerful, it’s got what is needed to make things go boom: Cocoon is the name of Denon’s widely acclaimed and award winning speaker docks. By design, by technology – it’s a bit out of the ordinary. So we made a video that – especially waving to the competition – is pretty out of the ordinary, too.

C’mon, let’s go for Cocoon. To the catchy tune of „The Arkanes“ lead singer Chris Pate and his joint project „Capulet“, Interstate produced a video that manages to strike the balance between „fun to watch“ and „good to know“.

What’s it about? Two pretty sisters belong to the Cocoon family: the Cocoon home, actually a full home audio entertainment system, built for the use inside.

And the Cocoon portable, a sturdy and smart companion that brings the party to wherever you want it to happen.

Our task was once again to melt the impressive technical features with entertaining elements, thus providing an easy and relaxed feel to brand and product, rather than a lesson-like technical product video.

Also but not limited to push the Christmas business, the video now works at points of sale all over the world, the company’s website and on Denon’s Youtube channel in 5 languages overall.

So hey, are you ready for more? C’mon!