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VW // Work

Behind 4MOTION stands the dynamic four wheel drive by Volkswagen. For the latest rework of their Tiguan visuals, Volkswagen / Porsche Austria counted on our visual-fx skills again – and we set things in motion.

The Volkswagen campaign is running under the thought of “Gets you everywhere. The 4MOTION All Wheel Drive.“ (That’s true, see above: our desks.)

Now for the job, which was sort of: please add more dynamic and more colour into the available, static and masked images of the cars. Oh, and please set them into a nice Austrian countryside. If you have any. (We had.)

So we got into action. Precisely speaking, by turning the static cars into moving ones. By applying in-motion unsharpness. And by integrating a tad more dynamic into the story – adding a summit cross, a summer thunderstorm moving off or a break-out from the concrete road onto gravel.

Sometimes, in post production it’s just like in real life – it’s just fun to put a Tiguan onto the road and let it drive. And that’s why every of the three visuals has a winner: das Auto.