Shaken, not stirred


Packaging, campaign, sales promotion, social media, word-of-mouth promotions – we pulled all strings to push the highly innovative Quickcap nutritional drinks. As a sideline we even invented the briefest manual in the world.

It became the tagline: „Push it. Shake it. Feel it.“ The novelty is in a small cap with water-soluble granules. Push them into water. Shake it to mix it. And push yourself by drinking it. No wonder, all packages and motives easily fill the pharmacies with „the good feeling“. Did we say pharmacies? Well, indeed!


quickcap_anzeige packs

Our prescription: Test it and taste the good feeling

Take a look at the good looks. The packaging surely grabs your attention. To get the good feeling, we developed some nifty displays. And we sure did something to pilot the people into the pharmacies: Office promotions, sampling and a word-of-mouth-campaign of a new kind! Also, during the Fashion Week in Berlin we established a branded taxi service of our own, with Quickcap Beauty on-the-go. By all that we reached hundreds of thousands – completely without expensive TV-advertising.



Confidently connected

The campaign for Quickcap truly is a 360° matter. We rocked the boat online, too. Since the first day of the product launch, all channels are on air to promote the good feeling, including Google and Facebook advertising and blogging. And on the webpage you not only find all information about Quickcap but also every pharmacy that provides it. Check it out!