Special Edition.

VW // Work

It’s time we took care of seven different models, which above all share one specific trait: dynamic.

For every model we produced the exact frame and appearance that would stage them in perfection. Delicately balanced and visually convincing.

Just like the ferociously sporty atmosphere for the Golf4Sports, which we swiftly and rightly set onto a racing track.

Or take the modern urban surrounding for the most dynamic Golf Rabbit ever. (Idem dito for Golf Plus, the most spacious of these amply equipped models.)

The new visual for the Golf Variant (Estate) will be used for a campaign on Austria’s billboards. Here we unpacked the camera and shot backgrounds, which perfectly supported the appearance of this newly developed money-spinner.

And last not least, the diversely composed highlands for the 4Motion special edition models, which manage to impressively tell the story of those dynamic rock climbers amongst the Volkswagen portfolio.

The visuals will partly find their way onto billboards, or appear in different advertisements. Either way, we are very much looking forward to riding the next round together with Volkswagen/Porsche Austria.