The Bahrain Coup.

Alpine // Work

Accompanying the launch of its unique navigation system “Blackbird”, renown Japanese manufacturer Alpine pushed the pedal to the metal by assigning interstate to create a sponsoring measure that would truly live up to their positioning: mobile media solutions.

The races of the Porsche Supercup take place during the warm-up for the Formula 1 races across the globe. A huge number of viewers and media contacts included.

Thanks to Interstate’s contact within the racing scene, we not only managed to find the right car at the Kadach Racing team, but also accounted for its design. Premiere was the first race of the season, taking place in the kingdom of Bahrain.

Racing can be a kind of a lottery. Anyway, it’s better to end this lottery on the winner’s side.

The Coup, part I: Team Kadach with its ALPINE branded Porsche 911 went out there, won the qualifying and turned in second place at the actual race.

The Coup, part II: Every season, all press pictures for the entire year are taken at the first race. So even though Alpine sponsored the car for that one race only, they were present all season long in media around the world.

So while the team got rewarded with a well-deserved cup, an overwhelming media echo and millions of contacts built our reward for the Alpine brand.

Oh – did we mention the costs of this measure? Feel free to be told the whole story. Simply give us a buzz and pop by.