See-truu effect.

truu // Work

There are huge quality differences when comparing water filtration systems. By demonstrating the extraordinary complexity of the truu systems, we make the difference much more transparent.

Water filters are meanwhile available in an almost confusing number of different functions and price ranges. The truu systems stand out from the crowd because one unit combines several technologies, bringing the water to its best possible and purest state. To give customers all over the world an idea of the immense know-how, the great craftsmanship and the high-quality components, we have disassembled the truu home system down to the last detail and explained it transparently. In 3D, in all 8 filter stages and in 5 languages.



The elaborate technology of the compact truu home system is only surpassed by the computer-controlled truu fountain, which even has 9 refinement levels. It supplies many people in companies and public institutions with unique truu water as part of corporate health management. Of course, we have also given it the appearance it deserves.