Virtuously virtual.

Work // Marantz

For Marantz, the introduction of the new Melody X also marked the beginning of a new visual era. For the musical all-rounder, we developed a flexible product environment in 3D.

When modernising the brand image, Marantz wanted a different atmosphere for its internationally distributed products. Since regional market peculiarities were to be taken into account, a realisation in photography and film would have been very costly. We were able to convince Marantz that we could offer them the perfect alternative with our 3D skills, which would present the brand and first and foremost the Melody series in a high-quality manner in the future and which could be adapted modularly at any time, worldwide.

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The video for the launch of the new Melody X network receiver fits in seamlessly and shows the versatile product highlight by highlight. Thanks to complete 3D development, the video can be adapted at any time to the different requirements of the respective countries and ensures a consistently elegant visual language across all channels.