Your heart is listening.

Christina Stürmer

After more than 10 years in the music business, Christina has just presented her new album as well as a fully new corporate design for her band brand. Last but not least, a new video clip for the album’s first single „Millionen Lichter“ (English: „a million lights“) was released. We were not allowed to sing or clap on the album, instead she entrusted us with the development of her design and the shooting of the video clip.

The album „Hör auf Dein Herz“ (English: „listen to your heart“) marks a turning point in the career of Christina and her band. Just like the people behind it, the sound of the band has developed further. This departure is not only visible when seeing the guys playing pre-shows for mega stars Bon Jovi (and Christina singing a live duet with Jon himself), but also finds expression in the new Corporate Design.


Basis for that was Christina’s deep conviction, which we came across during a sunny lunchtime break on a terrace: Her upper arm is graced with a tattoo. It shows a headphone plugged into a heart, accompanied by the sentence: If you don’t know further, listen to your heart“ („Wenn Du nicht weiter weißt, hör auf Dein Herz“).

Our design approach transforms this detailed tattoo into a concise icon – no frills but high impact and recognition value. The typography melts her authenticity and a dash of Rock ’n’ Roll into a visual statement, which is brand building.

A million clicks: We produced the video-clip „Millionen Lichter“ on behalf of Universal Music Deutschland in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Adventures, weather caprices and a series of unforeseeable surprises included. So basically, same as it ever was.