It’s good to be truu.

truu // Work

truu original water is probably the purest water there is. truu original air ensures safely clean air and contact surfaces. Thanks to us, this is now known from Europe to South America.

One day an ambitious manufacturer of high-quality water purification systems approached us to promote international sales in addition to the successful German sales in the future. And we were quite quick to ask a provocative question: How much are we allowed to change? The baffling answer: Everything, if it’s necessary. We didn’t need to be told twice and started with a entirely new name.

„Wassertankstelle” (water filling station) became truu. This name is globally comprehensible and also conveys much more clearly than before the company’s self-confident attitude to offer the purest, original and environmentally friendly products for the benefit of all people. truu water, for example, is produced directly from drinking water with purifying systems that last for decades, without bottling and energy-intensive transports, using as little plastic as possible.

Even though we started with water, truu was conceptualised as an umbrella brand from the very beginning – with its own logos and claims for water, air and generally for a lifestyle full of sustainability in harmony with nature.




Within a short period of time, we launched the new brand and presented it to the customer all the way down to the sales level with an emotional video, which is not entirely coincidentally based on a famous song. We had it reinterpreted especially for truu. What can we say, the news was received by hundreds of people with huge enthusiasm.


To top it all off, shortly afterwards we also went live with a completely redesigned website, which has been growing ever since and is also accompanied by an extensive customer and sales app. Read more here.